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008Soft AVI Splitter

008Soft AVI Splitter Editor's Review

According to the producer, this program is supposed to be 'an easy-to-use tool for splitting a large AVI file into smaller ones'. When I read that it won't recompress the AVI files, I was eager to test it. I thought that I would split my vacation movies very easily and lossless. After starting the program, I imported an AVI file of 700 MB. When I tried splitting the file into three equal segments, I was very surprised to see that instead of splitting the file, the program offered me a row of five or six errors.

The error messages were 'the audio stream and the video stream have different duration, may not synchronize'. I just wanted to see an output file so I tried it repeatedly with other files. Between errors, I finally noticed that some output files were created. Then, I tried to open these files, but the sizes of the output files were zero. That's too bad, because a program like this could sometimes be useful.

In the end, the program split some AVI files, but since there's no progress bar or any counter, I didn't know whether the program froze or did the job. Since it's an AVI splitter I expected the option to split a file by specifying the start and end time. No such option however.


Drawbacks / flaws: Full of errors.

In conclusion: I look forward to the next release and I hope that the program will work and have a redesigned interface an offer a more friendly juser experience.

version reviewed: 1.12

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